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Research Area Model Development

Changes in HErZ program management

News from Mar 19, 2021

The last few months come with changes in the program management of the HErZ research areas, which are primarily involved with the development of numerical models for the atmosphere.

In the working group in Frankfurt, which conducts research on the planetary boundary layer, Dr. Linda Schlemmer took over as head of the "physical processes" unit at the German Weather Service (DWD) on 1 October 2020. She has thus left the DWD-side management of the thematic area (The Atmospheric Boundary Layer in Numerical Weather Prediction), where she was most recently active in the co-organisation and supervision of the FESSTVaL campaign. She takes the experience in parameterisation developments, among others, from her time at the HErZ (2011-2014 in Hamburg and 2019-2020 in Frankfurt) to lead parameterisation development within DWD, in collaboration with the different HErZs. Good luck, Linda. The head of the thematic area in Frankfurt was newly filled by Dr. Mirjana Sakradzija as of 1 December 2020. Mirjana was previously part of the HErZ project in Hamburg since 2011, most recently as PI, and now leads the working group together with Dr. Juerg Schmidli at the Uni Frankfurt. Welcome, Mirjana, and good luck!

Daniel Klocke left the co-leadership of the HErZ research area at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg in February 2021 and now heads the working group on "Computational Infrastrukture and model development" at the institute there. He has thus left the DWD-side leadership of the HErZ topic area (Advancing the Representation of Convection across Scales). He will take his experience from his work at HErZ, especially in ICON development and application, and will continue to work closely with DWD. The HErZ working group will continue to be led by Dr. Cathy Hohenegger. Good luck, Daniel!

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